Warranty Program

Lenora Innovation is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and performance. We strive to ensure this quality through extensive in-house and third-party testing with strict adherence to our product specifications and industry standards. As such, our products carry a standard one-year limited warranty. Additionally, a 25-year extended warranty protection plan is available for registered products.

Lenora Standard Warranty One-year limited warranty direct from Lenora and products covered are Voice and Data Communications and cables including; Copper cable, Fiber Optic cables, Central Office cables, Terminating cable, and Distribution Frame Wire, Electronics and Communications equipment products.

Standard Warranty Term and Conditions Lenora warrants that its product will conform to its applicable specifications and will be otherwise free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date the product is shipped from its factory (the “Warranty Period”). Lenora must be given immediate written notice of any defect and the opportunity to inspect the product to determine whether a breach of warranty has occurred. This warranty covers only products installed at the original installation location. All repairs or replacements covered by this warranty will be shipped to the destination point specified in the original order. The defective product will at Lenora’s option, be either scrapped or returned to Lenora per its shipping instructions. If Lenora replaces a product under this warranty, the replacement will be warranted for the balance of the original Warranty Period. Lenora, in no event, will be responsible for any claims or damage arising out of or connected with this warranty or the manufacture, sale, delivery, installation, or use of the product in excess of the purchase price of the product.

Lenora Cable Warranty Program

25-year limited cable warranty direct from Lenora. Registration is required and the warranty is administered by Lenora to register, please complete the registration form and return along with required documents.

Lenora Connectivity Warranty Program

Lenora provides for today’s networking Connectivity needs with the added security of a 2-year system channel warranty.

Subject to the limitations and conditions set forth, Lenora warrants to the end-user that Lenora’s family of connectivity, connectors and communication systems including all rack-mount and wall-mount products.