Reseller Program

Partner Program Overview

Partner Program Overview Lenora Channel Partner Program provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company. The following will provide you a high-level overview of the benefits of the programs available to you to succeed in today's market. Become a Lenora Registered Partner Register to take advantage of all the benefits of a Lenora partnership, the first thing you need to do is Register. Lenora Distributors can also help you with the registration process in your geography.

Channel Program Structure

Being a better partner means more than just helping you boost your bottom line. It also means making it easier to do business. We don’t require you to maintain certain headcounts, and we don’t require huge financial investments. Instead, we offer flexible programs that you can customize to fit your business needs. Flexibility and solid reseller programs were mentioned. We know that our partners have different goals and business plans. We offer four levels of participation in the Lenora Partner Program—Registered, Silver, Gold, and Distributor. As you increase your commitment to Lenora, you can earn greater rewards, benefits, and support. Select the level of commitment that works best for you and program benefits may vary by region.

Channel Program Groups

Lenora Partner Program for Resellers is designed to help you grow your business and maximize profitability. With Lenora® products and services in your portfolio, you can deliver innovative Communication solutions that satisfy even your most demanding customers.

  • Increase revenue
  • Earn greater returns on your investment
  • Leverage our tools, best practices, and technical experts
  • Create opportunities with our co-marketing resources, sales enablement programs, and prequalified leads.

Order Process Structure

Lenora Channel Partner Program provides many ways to differentiate your business, and to achieve better results at the close of the sales order process, start at the beginning with the knowledge of the channel partner ordering process. 

  • Registered has to use the local distributor for the technical and products inquiry.
  • Silver has the right to use website online sales to get the products information and use the distributor to get the prices and later on process the order through the local distributor.
  • Gold has the right to use website online sales to get the products and price information and process the order either direct with Lenora or process the order through the local distributor.
  • Distributor has the right to use website online sales to get the products and prices information and process the order direct with Lenora.

Advantage of Lenora Partners

Lenora Channel Partner Program Achieving your business goals can be challenging in today’s uncertain business climate. Customer budgets are shrinking, projects are smaller, and there’s more competition than ever. Your success depends on more than product margins alone, it depends on the size of your opportunities and your velocity of sales. We can help you meet your business goals with new levels of market penetration, sales, and profitability. We are dedicated to helping you in each phase of the sales process. To help you develop solutions, we give you access to our technical expertise and provide you with the product, checking of item quantity and price availability, Increased process control and full transparency, and Increased customer satisfaction due to optimized order process.