Lenora Academy

Lenora Learning Partner Program, Few subjects will open as many doors for Lenora’s partner in the 21st century as communication specialist. Lenora Academy provides resources to help awaken and deepen partners’ interest in this important field of study.

Lenora Partner Academy is an early-in-career development program for those driven to succeed, with strong interpersonal skills, an interest in working with leading-edge technology, and a desire to collaborate with highly-talented people globally.

Lenora Learning Key Value is develops its courses to suit our partners’ needs. We have deployed Technology all over the world, designed to provide partners with professional support for pre- and post-sales activities as well as Installation, Testing & Maintenance.

  • Quality, not only is there a 100% quality control of the products, but also a 100% training, installation and testing support with Lenora. European standard service and precision in the design and value chain of your network.
  • Competenceglobal pool of highly competent experts trained and supported by the top-notch Lenora Academy. Assuring all products are installed and tested according to the latest standards and best practices.
  • Success, by giving the customer the ultimate peace of mind about his infrastructure and providing perfect operational reliability and availability of the installation.

Enhance your skills, increase your value and reduce your costs

Whether you are a network installer, technician, engineer or integrator, the Lenora Learning Academy has a comprehensive selection of courses that provide in-depth training on today’s advanced enterprise solutions. Leverages Lenora's proven expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver a comprehensive range of resources to help organizations achieve the highest quality infrastructure design and installation.

Lenora Academy Certification’s Tracks

Lenora Certified designation is the sign of a committed, honest and knowledgeable consultative expert. A nationally recognized standard in training excellence, the certified designation is how professionals can differentiate themselves from others. Lenora's goal is to help uncover the needs and issues of clients and assist in developing the optimum solution based on the following certification tracks, Certified Sales, Certified Designer, Certified Installer and Certified Integrator

The Lenora Academy offers

Lenora Academy forms the educational foundation for Lenora’s global partner Network. Since its inception, the academy has provided the training that enables network members to keep their skills sharp and deliver the consistent value their customers expect as following:

  • Online, self-paced training available globally
  • Flexible courses that can be taught in-house
  • Access training from anywhere, on any device
  • Ability to build your career with accredited courses