Customer Support

Lenora Service Program 

Lenora Innovation is committed to providing outstanding service quality to all of our customers - before, during, and after product delivery. It is our mission to make every customer's relationship with Lenora the best experience possible.

Our customer service interface occurs through: 

  • * Design concept. 
  • * Marketing tools and strategy.
  • * Professional online tools.
  • * Technical and field support.
  • * Customer-specific, cross-functional teams of Lenora experts who are prepared to               answer questions about network design or system modeling.
  • * Education via our website.
  • * Site inspection.
  • * Investment protection.

Lenora service is a foundational pillar and continues to be one of our key performance indicators. Every employee strives to meet each customer’s unique set of requirements and excels at finding innovative solutions that exceed expectations, which helps explains why our customers turn to us to optimize their networks.

Lenora Commitments…. With Lenora, the most responsive and knowledgeable customer service in the industry is only a phone call or email away. Having a partner that understands the needs of customers is crucial, especially when technical assistance is required.
Get prompt, expert support from a Lenora professional. 

Lenora Services provide a foundation to your long-term success with the Lenora Customer Experience Platform, and help you convert innovative ideas into measurable business results. We combine strategic business insights with hands-on, practical experience gained from thousands of implementations. We can help your organization get to market faster, with higher workforce productivity and lower regulatory risk.

Leverage our extensive industry experience, best practices and unrivaled Lenora product expertise to maximize your investment and deliver a great customer experience.


A rigorous approach to quality has helped the company to maintain its world-leading position and made a significant contribution to the company’s continued success. Customer satisfaction is the number-one priority for Lenora Innovation and the company’s quality initiatives include “zero defects” and “right first time” approaches for all customer-related activities.

In particular, the quality of products is tested at every stage of the production cycle and is ensured by strict monitoring, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Customer Satisfaction

It is one of the most important components of a company's positive brand image. The reason why customer satisfaction directly affects bottom line profitability is quite simple: it costs far less to retain a happy client than it does to find a new client. Businesses that have been successful retaining the business of their loyal clients have shown over time to consistently increase profits from their installed client base. The impact of customer loyalty is impossible to overlook. This white paper will examine not only the significance of customer satisfaction, but also some of the factors that businesses need to consider in order to accurately define, measure, and integrate this concept into practice.