Network Consultancy

Lenora leads primarily by technical innovation and shares a deep belief in the power of technology and it is this same spirit of innovation that has enabled us to create new products and new markets. We embrace the opportunities inherent in change, and we are confident in our ability to help shape the future.

Lenora Innovation will verify project eligibility, and in partnership with a potential grant recipient work to define the winning scope and purpose.  The criteria for being eligible for a grant are very similar to the criteria to getting a Loan. LENORA can help with development of the proposed funded service area, ensure that there is no overlap of other borrowers and grantees, optimize the grant target amount, and assemble the correct information to meet the grant requirements. 

In many cases, LENORA can provide a detailed quote and work on a “not to exceed” basis!  No longer will forms, executive summaries, scoring criteria, the system design network diagram, or the environmental report prove to be insurmountable data to collect in a short timeframe.  We have years of experience putting together project timing and budget plans to maximize the opportunity to obtain grant funding!

Let Lenora Innovation help you complete documentation and build a Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) for your company! As we have assembled loan requests and consulted others on Network growth and opportunities, our staff has continued to grow their skill in preparing and deploying documentation to ensure that the network can move forward, even after personnel change or leave. Good SOPs can also facilitate the training of new and experienced employees and greatly reduce the time span during a disaster recovery or major change in the business!

For the managers and decision makers that are browsing this site it is highly likely that those company personnel are comfortable with technology and its deployment. At Lenora Innovation Services, we know firsthand that completing a major build is just the first step in serving customers and growing a network.

Lenora Innovation staff will review your network deployment and equipment, and make recommendations for the next steps to grow your network, increase your customer base, and create new revenue streams.  We do not employ a cookie cutter approach.  Lenora will do the research and site visits necessary to provide a custom set of specific solutions to your business. Lenora has experience in Wireline Voice, Data Networks, IPTV and Wireless.  

As Lenora has deployed fiber networks, we have become immersed in GPON and Active Ethernet deployments of FTTH and integrated those networks with existing Next Generation and Legacy Digital Loop Carrier copper networks. 

We have studied the major equipment manufacturers in the distribution space and are familiar with access gear from most suppliers.  Lenora works with the vendors and distributors to stay current with what Independent Telco’s are deploying.  We have developed a relationship with and had site visits to their labs and test beds of their technology and central office equipment.  Lenora also has experience with Smart Switching and application servers and their uses.