Introduction: Optical Distribution Frame “ODF” also named Fiber Patch Panel is a frame used to provide cable interconnections between communication facilities, which can integrate fiber splicing, fiber termination, fiber optic adapters & connectors and cable connections together in a single unit. It can also work as a protective device to protect fiber optic connections from damage. The basic functions of ODFs provided by today's vendors are almost the same. However, they come into different shapes and specifications such as sliding rack mount, swing rack mounted, modular rack mount and high-density rack mount. It is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. Application: Rack mount ODF is usually modularity in design with network structure. It can be installed on the rack with more flexibility according to the fiber optic cable counts and specifications. This kind of optical distribution system is more convenient and can provide more possibilities to the future variations. the ODF is not limited to the structure, many factors like applications should be considered, such Fiber Counts with the number of fiber connections in places like data center increase, the need for high density ODF become the trend. And it is very common to find ODF with 24 ports, 48 ports or even 144 ports, due to the variety of optical distribution frames installation requirements, it is required a fiber optic connectors such SC, ST, LC, FC and more. • Ideal for FTTH/FTTX network • Optical communication networks • PON passive networks • LAN networks Operation Features: Optical Distribution Frame is an indoor or outdoor ODF in the FTTX network to connect the cable interconnections between communication facilities through fiber port. This fiber ODF is made of high-quality powder coated cold rolled steel and designed for use in residential and business applications for the termination of the fiber optic cables. The ODF is the most popular and comprehensive fiber optic distribution frame which can reduce the cost and increase the reliability and flexibility of fiber optic network during both deployment and maintenance • Available in Fixed, Sliding or Swing rack mount • Rack mount 19” 1U for 24 ports and 2U for 48 ports • Made of powder coated cold rolled steel material • Integrated with splice cassette and cable management rods • Compact structure and perfect fiber management • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice • Fiber connector types FC, SC, ST and LC etc. • High reliability and reasonable inner space design • Customer connectors are available upon request Mechanical Performance Test compliance: Fiber Mode: Singlemode or Multimode Connector type: SC, FC, ST, LC etc. Polish Interface Type: PC, UPC, APC Adapter Capacity: 24 or 48 ports, simplex or duplex adaptors Splice trays: 2x12 cores or 2x24 cores Splice trays Capacity of Adapter: 24 ports 1U and 48 ports 2U Installation Models: Fixed, Sliding or Swing 19” rack mount Size (L×W×H): 482x240x45mm (1U) and 482x300x90mm (2U) Entry ports: 3×φ25mm from back Material: High-quality powder cold rolled steel material Operation Temperature: -20 to +60°C