Introduction: In-Line Splitter Closure is used to distribute, splice, and store the outdoor optical cables including 1xN or 2xN Micro PLC splitter which enter and exit from the ends of the optical fiber cable joint closure. Horizontal Fiber optic splice closure is an essential passive component for fiber optic cable management in the fiber-optic network of backbone and access network. The fiber splice closures and the splice trays inside provide strong protection for the spliced fiber joint and fiber cables. Fiber Optic Splitter Closure can be installed in aerial, pole mounting, wall mounting, direct buried, and duct mounting, which is used for direct connection during the optical fiber transmission process. With good sealing performance, the simple installation and wide application range are the best choices for optical fiber connection. Application: Inline Fiber Optic Splitter Closure are used to distribute, splitter and store the outdoor optical cables which enter and exit from the ends of the closure. The high-quality inline splitter closure provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing, splitter and joint and capacity from 24~144 core. The horizontal splice closure is with a great sealing performance used in aerial, duct and direct buried application • Ideal for PON and FTTH/FTTX network • Installation application direct buried, aerial, pole mounting and wall mounting • Excellent Mechanical Sealed to protect fiber and splice ensuring durability Operation Features: Inline Fiber Optic Splitter Closure is a fiber management product typically provide for good splicing, splitter and protection with outdoor fiber optical cables. Inline fiber optic splitter closure is used for aerial, underground, pipeline, hand-holes assembling. The Inline type closure is also called Horizontal closure. The input and output are on the both sides. Inline closure is more suitable for backbone application. All the splitter closures we offered are with a great sealing performance with the following features • IP rating is IP68 • Capacity from 24~144 core • Splitting ratio 1xN and 2xN such 1x8, 1x16 and 1x32 • Cable ports are 4 ports (2Inlets + 2Outlets) • Used for direct buried, aerial, pole mounting and wall mounting applications • High reliability • Advanced internal structure design • Using a special material that can be repeatedly opened, re-use • Splice tray easy to installation • Large operating temperature range • Customized packaging and configuration Mechanical Performance Test compliance: IP rating: IP68 Cable ports: 4 ports (2Inlets + 2Outlets) Cable Diameter: Φ7—Φ23(mm) Splice Trays: 12 or 24 Cores trays Splice Capacity: 24~144 Cores Splitter Capacity: 1xN or 2xN Operation Temperature: -40 to +60°C Storage Temperature: -40 to +70°C