Introduction: FTTH Fiber Distribution Hub also named Outdoor Optical Distribution Cabinet is mainly used for cross-connecting outdoor optical distribution cables from optical central node to optical distribution node. This cabinet offers ideal environment for fibers to be spliced, cable termination, fiber distribution, dispatch and well organized under outdoor environment. Outdoor optical distribution cabinet provides safe, reliable and flexible optical fiber/cable circuit management, suitable for various communication networks, especially for users’ optical fiber access network engineering. Application: Outdoor Optical Distribution Cabinet is an outdoor are necessary for almost all FTTH/FTTX networks. Our high-quality fiber optic distribution cabinet is suitable in central node or distribution node and it is able to provide end users with optical access or data access. due to the variety of outdoor optical distribution cables installation requirements, a fiber optic connectors such SC, LC, FC and more. • Ideal for FTTH/FTTX network • PON communication networks • Video communication networks Operation Features: Outdoor Optical Distribution Cabinet is an outdoor terminal cabinet applied in the FTTX network to connect the feeder fiber cable and fiber drop cables through fiber ports. This Optical Distribution Cabinet is made of high-quality metal material single or double door and designed for use in residential and business applications for the termination of up to 576 fibers. It can hold up to 48 fiber splice trays with max 12 or 24 simplex adapters. It is available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, especially suitable for FTTx network terminal distribution • The protection grade reaches IP65 • Made of powder coated cold rolled steel or SMC Material (optional) • Excellent anti-erosion, waterproof and dustproof performance • Solid and fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance • Integrated with splice cassette and cable management rods • Compact structure and perfect fiber management • Available for normal fiber cable and fan-out fiber cable • Available in single or double door • Available in 96, 144, 288, 384 and 576 ports • Splitter option 1x16, 1x32 • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice • Fiber splice trays with max 24 simplex adapters depending on cabinet size • Fiber connector types FC, SC, and LC etc. • Low insertion loss and high return loss, high dense connection, easy for operation • High reliability and reasonable inner space design • Customer connectors are available upon request Mechanical Performance Test compliance: Fiber Mode: Single mode Connector type: SC, FC, LC etc. PLC Splitter type: 1x8 or 1x16 or 1x32 Modular splitter or micro splitter Polish Interface Type: PC, UPC, APC Size (H×W×D): 780*450*275mm, 1000*550*305mm, 1460*750*340mm other are available No. Of Splice Tray: Up to 48 trays depending on cabinet size Splice Tray Capacity: 12 Cores Entry ports and cable dia: 6×φ30mm other are available Material: High-quality powder coated cold rolled steel or SMC Material (optional) Installation Models: Cabinet Base Mounted Operation Temperature: -20 to +60°C Storage Temperature: -40 to +70°C