Introduction: Microduct End Cap for quick and easy tighten the ends of unused primary tube of microducts, the Push-fit straight connectors manufactured with high quality materials and transparent body assure easy and quick installation, connector can be re-used 10 times remaining maintained the high-performance requirements for air- blown installation systems. Application: The end cap for permanent or temporarily sealing of unused microducts to prevent obstacles such as water, mud, dust and so on. Operation Features: The End Cap are tested for best functionality in combination with the air blown fibers unit and air blown fibers cables. • Easy “push-in” installation • For 3 to 20 mm O.D. microducts • Material: Clear PC • Leakage Pressure: 15 bar • Negative Pressure: 750mm Hg • Proof Pressure: 25 bar • Temperature Range: -10 ~60℃ • Burst Pressure: BT MA 321 High Pressure Performance • hydraulic pressure test: Pass(Resisting at 13.5kgf/㎠ for 2 minutes.) • Burst Pressure: > 25bar • Water Immersion test: Pass (Water proof)