Introduction: Microduct snap-in DBL connectors for quick and easy splicing of thick walled microducts, to enable cable blowing, the connector is designed to operate at 15 bars without leakage The Push-fit DBL straight connectors manufactured with high quality materials assure easy and quick installation, connector can be re-used 10 times remaining maintained the high-performance requirements for air- blown installation systems. Application: The straight connectors for microducts provide a quick, easy and secure connection of microducts, used to join sections of microducts. The DBL connector and endcap is used at the end point of direct buried thick walled microduct to prevent from the potential obstacles such as dust, water and so on. With the same functionality as conventional connectors or endcaps, installation simply involves pushing the microduct into the end cap. Operation Features: The DBL connectors are tested for best functionality in combination with the air blown fibers unit and air blown fibers cables. • Easy “push-in” installation • For 7 to 20 mm microducts • Material: Clear HDPE • Leakage Pressure: 15 bar • Negative Pressure: -750mm Hg(10 Torr) • Proof Pressure: 25 bar • Temperature Range: -10 ~60℃ • Burst Pressure: > 25.5kgf/㎠ • Water Immersion test: Pass (Water proof) • Expected Life time: Minimum 20 years