Introduction: Category 8 SF/UTP ethernet cables, also called Cat.8 SF/UTP ethernet cables, is a standardized twisted pair cable for Ethernet and other network physical layers, the Cat8 cable standard specifies performance of up to 2000MHz. Some environments are prone to greater-than-normal amounts of interference, so there are cables designed to provide even more protection against interference. The protection is called shielding and foiled. Application: Businesses use Ethernet cabling in office buildings, data centers and users, primary considerations determine ethernet cable to use for your business. Ethernet cables can be classified into different types according to different specifications, unshielded, Foiled and shielded cables in terms of shielding types, and solid copper and stranded copper cable in terms of the copper conductor in pairs. With regards to cable jacket rating, there are CM, CMR, and CMP cables. Choices of cables vary from different application scenarios • Ethernet Networking • Computer Networking Project • Audio & Data Transmission • Digital Networking • Broadband Networking Communication Operation Features: The Category 8 SF/UTP has 0.63mm diameter solid copper conductors, twisted into 4 pairs of wires. We offer a depot of various high-quality, high-speed options for solid-conductor, Cat8 UTP cables used in many backbones cabling solutions • SF/UTP CAT8 ethernet cable STP cat8 4 pairs copper twist wire • Standards UL444/CSA-C22.2 No 214, Type CM EIA/TIA-568A and EIA/TIA-568B.2, Horizontal cable, also available in CMR “Riser Rated” and CMP “Plenum Rated” • Conductor 23AWG Stranded soft circle twisted bare copper wire • Jacket PVC or LSZH • Application 10BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3, 100BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3, 1000BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3, 10GBASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3 and 25/40GBASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3 • Rating Temperature: 60°C • 100% component test to guarantee the quality Mechanical Performance Test compliance: Standards: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568.2-D (T568A & T568B) ISO/IEC 11801 ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68) EN50173-1:2011 UL 444. Type CM, CMR or CMP Bandwidth: Standard 2000 MHz Conductor Diameter: 0.628±0.02 Outer Cable Diameter: 7.4mm ± 0.2 mm Conductors: Solid Bare Copper Outer Jacket: PVC or LSZH