Introduction: Category 6 U/UTP ethernet patch cables, also called Cat.6 U/UTP ethernet patch cords, are short lengths of Cat6 used to connect active devices to the networks. IT administrators use patch cables to connect two or more “backbone” devices such as switch to switch, or patch panel to switch. Patch cables not only send data signals, but also carry PoE or Power over Ethernet to power a remote device. Application: Businesses use Ethernet patch cabling in office buildings, data centers and users, primary considerations determine ethernet patch cable to use for your business. Ethernet patch cables need stranded copper wires inside for flexibility. Patch cables may be moved periodically, and stranded copper resists breakage, while solid copper may develop stress fractures from bending. • Ethernet Networking • Computer Networking Project • Audio & Data Transmission • Digital Networking • Broadband Networking Communication Operation Features: The Category 6 U/UTP ethernet patch cables are available in several versions with cable color and length 0.5, 1, 3 and 5M • RJ45 U/UTP CAT6 Patch cord with RJ45 Connector and ethernet cable UTP cat6 4 pairs copper twist wire patch cord • Standards UL444/CSA-C22.2 No 214, Type CM EIA/TIA-568A and EIA/TIA-568B.2, Horizontal cable, available in CMR and CMP • Conductor 24AWG Stranded soft circle twisted bare copper wire • Jacket PVC or LSZH • Connector RJ45 8P8C golden type • Application 10BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3, 100BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3 and 1000BASE-T Ethernet IEEE802.3 • Rating Temperature: 60°C • 100% component test to guarantee the quality Mechanical Performance Test compliance: Standards: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2 (T568A & T568B) ISO/IEC 11801 ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68) EN50173-1:2011 UL 444. Type CM, CMR or CMP Conductors: 24AWG stranded bare copper Outer Jacket: PVC or LSZH Outer Cable Diameter: 6.2mm ± 0.2 mm