Introduction: It is designed by modular method to change the length of closure and branch direction. It is possible to assemble or dis-assemble the closure without any special tools. The maintenance of T-branch closure can be done without cutting the ducts, and can be completed only by reopening upper modular part. T-branch closure is designed to connect two microduct bundles and to branch-off tubes without any interruption of connectivity. Application: The branch closure is typically used in place of a microduct to protect the connector and the end cap for direct burial. Rubber sealing cap consists of Main port and Distribution port, and the Microduct, according to its different type and configuration, can be applied to different Rubber Sealing Cap Operation Features: The branch closure are tested for best functionality in combination with the air blown fibers unit and air blown fibers cables. • Light weight • Easy installation • Easy branching • Microduct protection at joint/distribution point, can accommodate various types of microduct • Below DB 5/3.5mm 24way (OD:36.4mm) microducts • Below TWD 7/3.5mm 12way (OD:30.0mm) microducts • Branch Closure has three different types (I/Y, T and D type) • I/Y Type Main Port Up to DB 12/10mm 7way (OD:44.8mm) Up to TWD 14/10mm 4way (OD:30.0mm) Distribution Port and Up to DB-HS 12/10mm 2way (OD:31.0x19.0mm) • D Type Main Port Up to TWD 18/14mm 7way (OD:56.0 x 51.2mm) Up to DB-HS 5/3.5mm 24+1way (OD:37.5mm) Distribution Port, and Up to TWD 18/14mm 2way (OD:38.0 x 20.0mm) Up to HS 5/3.5mm 7way (OD:22.0mm) • T-Type Up to DB 5/3.5mm 24way (OD:36.4mm) Up to TWD 7/3.5mm 12way (OD:30.0mm)