Introduction: Microduct Gas Block Connector is used when there is a need to block gas to pass freely into different microduct sections, this could for example be necessary when changing from outdoor to indoor installations. The design of Gas block is to prevent the gas leaking at the point where the connection between a duct and fiber optic cable inside. Gas block connector can be installed at home, office, inside building not to allow the inflow of materials which has the harmful gas, water and dust. Application: The Gas block connector works in a similar way as the standard connector when jointing micro ducts but has a compressible rubber gasket that is sealed after the cable has been installed. Operation Features: The Gas block are tested for best functionality in combination with the air blown fibers unit and air blown fibers cables. • Easy “push-in” installation • For 3 to 20 mm O.D. microducts • Material: Clear PC • Leakage Pressure: 15 bar • Blowing Pressure: Between temperatures of • -10℃ and +60℃, all connectors size can be used for blowing operations at pressures up to 16bar. • Burst Pressure: > 26bar • Gas Tightness: • Leakage at 16 bar gas pressure: 1ml/min • Leakage at 0.7bar gas pressure:0.1ml/min • Water ingress: The connectors shall seal against a 6m head of water. • Insertion force: 50N max (5kg) • Retention force: 55N min (5mm m/d) 135N min (12mm m/d) • 155N min (14mm m/d) (collect not held in