Introduction: Cabinet cable manager, the mess cable management with cables hanging here and there has been a cloud over the data center and server room. How can you realize each smooth and convenient operation on your network application with network cables looking like messy spaghetti? Here we list four common cable managers to simplify your cabling and minimize the trouble during operation, the following cable managers which you may have heard of or seen before are the most popular types in the market. Each has its unique design and characteristics such as D-ring, Finger type and Brush cable manager. Application: Simplify cable management by organizing and managing patch cords and cables with horizontal or vertical managers available in multiple sizes and capacities. cabinet cable management is an important task for any IT professional. The ability to identify the right cables during maintenance can save precious Operation Features: • 1U or 2U, horizontal 19" installation, or Vertical installation • Using for networking and data center applications in IT environment. • Most popular model in the market. • Exquisite design with precise dimension and craftsmanship • SPCC cold rolled steel or Plastic material • Support different types such D-ring, Finger type, Brush and blank cable manager Technical Parameter: • Standard: 1U, 2U horizontal 19" installation, or Vertical installation • Height: 1U or 2U • Material: SPCC cold rolled steel or Plastic material • IP rating: IP44 • Color: RAL 9004 (black)